The “Why” Game

For those of you that have kids you know exactly what the “why” game is and how it is played. Don’t you just love it when a kids asks why about 25 times within the same conversation. It’s because they are curious and don’t want just the facts. Sure they believe you and take your word for it, but they just want to know more. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately and the implications for our classroom. I know as a parent the “why” game sometimes drives me nuts and I meet it with frustration, but the fact is that as a parent and an educator I should greet it with excitement and a desire to play the game. So what does this mean for our classrooms? The fact is that kids are going to play the “why” game with or without us. They want us to engage but if we don’t they have the means to find the answers. For example my 8-year-old now has an iPod touch and for several years has known how to Google her answers. She doesn’t really play the “why” game with me anymore because she knows how to access the information. She wants me to play, but doesn’t need me. As educators we should be thinking about how we can engage in that game with our students and be the facilitator. We now have a responsibility to spend more time teaching them to find the answers, validate the answers, communicate the answers, and collaborate with others on the answers. So let’s jump in and not lose a chance to play this age-old game.