Leadership in Education Blog

Leadership in Education Blog

Over the past seven years I have had the good fortune of partnering with The Flippen Group at two different schools.  The Flippen Group works with schools and organizations all over the country and is a leader in the development of culture and leadership.  At two different schools now, I have had the pleasure of exposing those staffs to the training Capturing Kids Hearts.  It is a transformational training that puts students at the center of the work and creates and environment of trust and helps schools have a consistent way to develop meaningful relationships with kids.  My friend Chris Layton, an employee of The Flippen Group, recently shared with me his blog on Leadership in Education.  It is a great read.  I would encourage any school leader to follow the blog and to check out Capturing Kids Hearts and the many other service offered by The Flippen Group at http://www.flippengroup.com.