Out of Date Websites

We live in a day and time when many principals are requiring each of their teachers to have their own personal website.  I often scan the internet looking at different school and teacher sites not only in my own district but in that of other districts too.  There is absolutely nothing worse than a teacher or school site that has not been recently updated.  When I say recently, I mean weekly!  If we offer up to date information for parents and children, then that is what we should provide.  Here are some tips for teachers or administrators on updating of websites:

1.  Create a team of people/students that work on the site.  I completely agree that it is sometime difficult to constantly generate new ideas and find the time to do the updating.  Empower others to be creative and add content.

2.  Make sure social media is a part of your website.  You can use twitter, box, facebook, etc. to give constant updates to your site or blog right from your phone anywhere in the world. 

3.  Do not think that everything that you add to your site has to be profound or some amazing piece of information.  Part of maintaining a website or social media is that you use it on a regular basis that keep people coming back for more.  Sometimes you can just share your thoughts or a picture of something coll you have observed kids doing that day in your classroom or school. 

4.  Make sure the look of your site changes periodically and is “current.”  I am immediately turned off by a website that looks like it was created prior to the start of the 21st century.

5.  Finally, if you are going to have a website or blog, then maintain it!  Otherwise take it down.  It is a poor reflection on you as a professional if your site is months out of date!  I think it is better to not have one than have one that looks neglected and irrelevant.